Jet Set Business Prep™

Build a sophisticated online service business in just 5 weeks so you can work with clients as you travel the world.

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The Ivy League of online schools.

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Do you feel like a diamond stuck in a pile of mud?

Are you frustrated that no one seems to respect or appreciate your brilliance?

You’re fed up with bosses, freelance clients that disrespect your expertise and dealing with co-workers who spend all day on Facebook.

You have drive and motivation to do something meaningful with your impressive experience.

It seems all you do is chase clients you have to bend over backwards for and justify your rates.

You don’t want to lower your standards to make a buck because your reputation is important to you.

You know you’re skilled, but aren’t sure how to turn that into a business that commands respect and premium prices. Specifically, a business that gives you the freedom of living wherever.

Traveling wherever. Doing whatever!

Wake up at noon? Sure!

Go dancing on a Monday night? Why not!

Eat a long lunch at an outdoor cafe? Naturally.

You long for the freedom to travel the world while you work with clients online.

You know where you want to go, how you’re going to get there and what you want to do.

Except.. you’re missing one thing: the location independent business!

You're ready to put in the work because there's no such thing as an overnight success.

You're ready to take yourself seriously and build a serious business that has longevity.

Create your very own five star business that gives you options.

Because options are the foundation of a freedom-filled life.

I say, keep your standards high and your rates higher.

Do you agree?

Then learn how to attract clients with class by joining the Prep School for professionals.

"Five star businesses boast an internal compass oblivious to the noise and trends of the world.

They revel in their own
'true north'
which is as timeless as their values."

Week 1

Crafting Your Five Star Business Concept

Learn how to..

  • Craft an original business concept for your service
  • Pinpoint a niche you can own
  • Package your services to perfection to separate you from the competition
  • Brand your business in the most sophisticated way
  • Identify great real business examples


Week 2

Design And Customize Your Website On Squarespace

Learn how to..

  • Design a logo
  • Build a polished Squarespace website
  • Write copy that people want to read
  • Connect third parties, like MailChimp or Calendly
  • Collect payment online
  • Register a new domain or connect an existing domain

Week 3

Marketing Your Five Star Business

Learn how to..

  • Design a business card that makes people stop in their tracks
  • Use SEO to your advantage (It's easier than it sounds!)
  • Create a premium lead generator that doesn't scream "cheap"
  • Craft a professional media kit- even when you have no press
  • Polish your LinkedIn presence so that people's eyes don't gloss over when reading your profile
  • Design a shareable explainer video even if you're not comfortable with videos
  • Market your five star business to the right clients
  • Get press mentions in major media outlets.. for free!

Week 4

Treating Clients Like Royalty

Learn how to..

  • Qualify clients and make sure they are someone you want to work with
  • Keep track of leads
  • Give amazing client gifts that leave a lasting impression
  • Collect testimonials so you can advertise your brilliance!

Week 5

Automation and Securing Systems

Learn how to..

  • Use and store canned responses so you'll never type the same repetitive things again
  • Write Standards Operating Procedures so someone else could technically step in and help (like a VA)
  • Secure your online business as you travel so you're less open to hackers and nogoodnicks

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Immediate access to my Concept Concierge™ questionnaire

--> what my clients pay me $5,000 to walk them through and create the first draft of their business

  • Worksheets for every module

--> don't just watch, work

  • My Marketing Masterlist (worth $1000)

--> with all the directories you should be on and tools you could be using

Don't miss your opportunity to complete the most comprehensive solo-business course the Internet has ever seen.


This is for you if..

  • You are a true expert in a specific area
  • Your ideal clients are individuals or small businesses (not corporations)
  • You provide a service that can be done online without meeting clients in-person
  • You have freelanced and worked with/on 5 or more clients/projects
  • You have offifically outgrown freelancing
  • You always deliver and exceed expectations
  • You’re frustrated because you feel like you’re lumped together with people who aren’t half as good at what you do
  • You are self-sufficient, self-motivated and independent by nature
  • You’re eager to responsibly craft a business that commands respect and premium prices without lowering your standards
  • You love what you do and are ready to attract likeminded clients who appreciate you!

This is not for you if..

  • You don’t know what you’re good at
  • You are comfortable in your 9-5 job
  • You have no experience working with clients
  • You aren’t confident enough in your skills to get paid for them
  • You don’t provide a service that can be done online
  • You don’t think your ideal clients would be open to working with you virtually
  • You truly don’t think you can do it
  • You’re a wantrepreneur or aspiring Influencer
  • You're looking for a quick-fix

Professionals who can upgrade their life with this course include:

  • App Developers
  • Animators
  • Astrologers
  • Accountants
  • Assistants
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Copywriters
  • Counselors
  • Editors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Lawyers
  • Marketers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Publicists
  • Publishers
  • Recruiters
  • Resume Writers
  • Teachers
  • Transcribers
  • Translators
  • Tutors
  • Writers

You could be jetting off overseas to that place that's been on your bucket list for years.

You could be walking into a store and buying what you like without even looking at the price tag.

You could be spending more time than ever with your family and friends, even visiting them for more than a weekend.

You could be featured in Forbes, appearing on TV or have a wildly popular blog.

Your success story could be on this very page as a living testament for the next group of sophisticated solopreneurs to enroll.

Jet Set Business Prep™'s next session begins mid 2019. Save your spot now so you won't be here next year, wishing you had started sooner.

Don't make it harder for yourself than it needs to be. This is the course I wish I had when I decided I only ever wanted to work for myself.

You deserve to command respect and premium prices... right now.

Your Instructor

Nicole Faith
Nicole Faith

Hi, I'm Nicole! I’m a location independent entrepreneur that crafts online service businesses for sophisticated solopreneurs like yourself in just 1 week so they can work with clients as they travel the world at 10 Carat Creations. I've been mentioned in places like Fast Company, Bustle and Orbitz. I also founded the Little Diamond Dossier. I created Jet Set Business Prep™ to make building a five star business more accessible than ever. Lack of money shouldn't prevent you from making money! I've distilled thousands of dollars worth of insights, tips and processes into this ultimate course for high achieving solopreneurs who want to get paid what they're worth and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts Summer 2019 and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Although a new module will be released every week, you can go through the course at your own pace.
When do I get 1:1 time with you?
1:1 sessions with me need to be scheduled. Once the course starts, you'll have access to my calendar and can book your two 1-hour sessions at a time that works for you. I recommend booking one hour during the course and one hour after your business is up. This gives you an opportunity to get actionable feedback from me at two critical points in your progress.
How long do I have access to the course?
As long as the course is in existence, you have lifetime access! You'll also get all future improvements and updates to the course free of charge.
Will I need to purchase anything else?
You will need to pay for a few necessities like: your Squarespace website subscription, business cards and any third parties you deem a must-have (which should be very few if any). This might include calendar booking software Calendly (although most Squarespace subscriptions give you access to Acuity Scheduling for free) or an email marketing tool like MailChimp (which is free if you have less than 2,000 subscribers). I demo a lot of free software and tools so you spend the least amount of money possible. Most design work is done in Canva, which is free (with an optional paid plan). I demo creating an explainer video in Biteable, which requires a subscription. It's up to you what you think you need- less is always more when you start a business.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I find that when given an easy way out of a commitment people tend to take it. There are no refunds because I’m SERIOUS about putting an end to the Freelance Circus you call your life, and if you’re here I’m hoping you are too. I am confident this is the only course you’ll EVER need to take on crafting a premium business. I’m giving 500% of myself and my expertise to your success and I only want people who will do the same. If you’re not sure you’re ready or keep putting changing off because success scares you then this isn’t the course for you. Crafting a five star business isn’t hard, but it requires commitment and confidence. This is only the beginning of your success.

Get started now!